The 2019 Growing Season. The year began with a very dry winter accompanied by generally warmer-than-average temperatures. Colder weather and rain arrived in April. Budbreak was delayed by about two weeks. Persistent rain came in May, threatening a repeat of 2018 that, thankfully, did not materialize. Ultimately, the May rains proved far more benign than the similar conditions of the preceding year. June and July saw temperatures rise significantly. Above-average rainfall in July, September and October restored balance in the vineyards.

Despite slightly above-average temperatures from July through October, harvest took place in October, for most estates during the second or third week, which is to say late by today’s standards. Growers reported cool nights in the period leading up to and during harvest. Alessandro Masnaghetti describes 2019 as a “very late” harvest, in line with 2004, 2013 and 2016. Rain forecast for October 15 never materialized, but pushed some estates to pick ahead of it just in case. Showers arrived a few days later, essentially bringing harvest to its conclusion.