Bordeaux 2023 En Primeur Vintage Report

Bordeaux is, and has been for centuries, the most important fine wine region in the world. No other region has come close to matching its ability to produce benchmark wines in large quantities over a long history.

Despite much scrutinised price rises (not a new phenomenon in Bordeaux) and buyers being spoiled for choice when it comes to buying back vintage Bordeaux. There is no lack of wines from Bordeaux that offer outstanding value to collectors. On the contrary Bordeaux’s ability to produce in high volumes wines that age elegantly means that buyers have plenty to choose from. In fact, compared to the leading Cabernet-based wines of Tuscany and California. The First Growths, and particularly the second growths, look attractive compared to their American counterparts which are produced in much lower volumes.

The latest 2023 vintage wines from Bordeaux will start to be released En-Primeur at the end of April and a short, rapid campaign is anticipated. Many journalists and critics are yet to review the wines, but after the contrasting styles of the cold, wet vintage of 2021 and the heat and opulence of 2022, the early signs are that 2023 is shaping up to be a more classic Bordeaux vintage with smaller yields and some excellent wines being produced. There is also much talk around price reductions which comes as a very welcome relief to the market.

In general terms, the growing season started very well with a dry and warm Spring which resulted in successful flowering and all the signs of a generous crop. However, some high levels of mildew and unexpected rainfall in September made 2023 a challenging growing season for many Chateau.

Despite this, the resulting wines are shaping up to be extremely good but there will be some variations within each appellation. The most successful estates overcame these obstacles and produced wines with balance and freshness along with ripe fruit intensity and polished tannins. The alcohol levels are also refreshingly lower.

The leading Chateau will launch their wines earlier this year with the first releases appearing in late April. In most instances, availability is limited, and the wines will be offered on a first come first serve basis. Ensure you don’t miss out, register here to receive same day updates on all the key releases.