Meet The Winemakers

We are delighted to have secured a small and precious allocation of the outstanding wines of Tenuta Delle Terre Nere, Created in an extraordinary location on the unique and ancient volcanic soils of Mt Etna on the East coast of Sicily.

One of the most exciting wines from Sicily, Marc de Grazia hails from Piemonte but championed the revival of Mt Etna wines back in the early 2000s when vineyards cost almost nothing - now land on this majestic volcano is some of the most sought-after in Europe and the wines have become globally recognised for quality and distinctiveness. He created Tenuta delle Terre Nere (land of the black earth) in 2002 and has been instrumental in identifying and classifying the finest 'cru', or contrada as they are known locally, on the prestigious northern slopes of Mt Etna where the vines take some respite from the Mediterranean sun thanks to aspect and altitude.

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