Meet The Winemakers

Poderi e Cantine Oddero was established in the late 18th century by the Oddero family, who have lived in La Morra since the first half of that century. Located in Santa Maria, the raised vineyards are naturally terraced and overlook the Langhe hills. With a total of 35 hectares, they cultivate some of Piemonte’s most renowned wines through the use of traditional knowledge paired with modern production techniques. 16.5 hectares are cultivated to produce Nebbiolo for Barolo and Barbaresco.

A key element in their philosophy is respect for the natural heritage of the territory in partnership with the health of their customers. In 2008, they began practising organic vineyard management, gradually altering habits every year. The certification process began in 2011 for several Nebbiolo vineyards; in 2017, they will have 18 hectares certified.

The commitment to ecologically friendly methods continues into the cellar by maintaining ‘maximum respect to the raw materials, which truly represent the richness and versatility of our soil’. Poderi e Cantine Oddero fundamentally believes their bottles of wine ‘are’ the vineyards they cultivate, and those ‘talents’ should not be wasted.

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