Meet The Winemakers

Marqués de Murrieta was one of the first Rioja Houses to be established, in 1852, by Luciano Francisco Ramón de Murrieta one of the founding fathers of modern Rioja winemaking. Luciano, drawing on his experiences in France, felt that to make the best wines in the world the grapes needed to come from a single estate, which guaranteed complete control over the grapes, and established the Ygay Estate near Logroño in Rioja Alta. Luciano was a leader in using French techniques to develop greater complexity and longevity from Tempranillo, Rioja’s indigenous red grape.

Current owner, Vicente Dalmau, continues this tradition and respect for the unique land of Finca Ygay. Today the estate covers 300 hectares and the philosophy is one of quality, with low yields in the vineyard and limited production in the winery which are the key to the quality and style of Marqués de Murrieta wines. Vicente has overseen the restoration of the historic Castillo, and built a new winery at the estate in Logroño to continue the drive for the best quality wines from the region.

Winemaker Maria Vargas, having been at the winery since she graduated, works with Vicente to develop and evolve the signature Murrieta style, creating subtle yet age-worthy red wines alongside leading the way for world-class white wines from Rioja with Capellania and the rare Castillo Ygay Blanco. These are truly handmade, world-class wines from the oldest family-owned estate in Rioja.

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