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The styles of Leclerc Briant are distinctive, energic, terroir-focused & extremely stimulating. Although an historic House, Leclerc Briant are celebrating a new lease of life and are producing some of the best quality and most exciting styles in the region. Their wines are always vintage, a statement to the quality of fruit farmed from the biodynamic vineyards, allowing the wines to be a pure reflection of nature’s cycle. Always low or no dosage, and no or low sulfur, no fining or filtration, to best express raw terroir, fruit density, and vintage identity. Many say they use radical methods of vinification, but the truth is their vine growing and winemaking is tuned to simply capture the beauty and energy of the natural world at every step. In 2020 they were named Revue des Vins de France’s Guide, winery of the year, an accolade they share only with France’s winemaking idols. But with every vintage, the team deems another year’s experience, the vines reach further maturity, and the wines get better and better.

Availability is always extremely limited, particularly the ‘Abyss’ cuvee, which embodies Champagne Leclerc Briant pioneering philosophy having been aged for 12 months at 60 meters under the sea, at the tumultuous meeting point between the Atlantic Ocean and Channel Sea.

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