Meet The Winemakers

The Schwarz family have owned La Màgia since the mid-1970s. Originally from Alto Adige, they were among the first producers of Brunello di Montalcino to estate-bottle their wines. This organic estate is farmed by 2nd generation, Montalcino-born Fabian who took the reins from his father in 2005. Since he has redefined the direction of his family estate and continues to realise the potential of this hallowed site, which is proving one of the region’s finest due to the mineral soils, and desirable cooling influences.

The crowning glory of La Màgia is Fabian’s monopole: a single block of vines, named Il Cilegio, “the cherry tree”, in the historic centre of the vineyard. This Sangiovese vineyard, planted by his father in 1974, is exclusively registered as Brunello. This cru provides Fabian with his most deeply favoured, most expressive Sangiovese, detailing the complex terroir of sand, calcareous and red galestro soils.

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