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The Elgin wine region is a very cool-climate wine-producing region located in the Western Cape province of South Africa, about 70 km southeast of Cape Town. Elgin is renowned for its beautiful scenery, with rolling hills, apple orchards, and stunning mountain vistas. Many of the vineyards in the region are situated on steep slopes, between 300-500 metres above sea level, providing unique growing conditions for the vines.

Based in Elgin, Richard Kershaw makes wines of exceptional quality and unique character. He describes himself as a virtual winemaker as has no vineyards or winery of his own however, he has been working with some of the finest vineyards in the area for many years and when he established the winery in 2012 the focus and philosophy has been on producing cool-climate, terroir-driven wines, which have quickly gained a reputation for being some of the very best wines in the country. He uses sustainable and minimalist winemaking techniques but at the same time has an attention to detail second to none.

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