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Biondi-Santi and Brunello di Montalcino have always been synonymous. It all started in 1869, when Clementi Santi entered a prize-winning wine he labelled ‘Brunello’ made from the 1865 harvest at the agricultural fair in Montepulciano. This wine was made from a Sangiovese clone locally known as Brunello. His nephew, Ferrucio Biondi Santi, commercialised the family’s first Brunello with the 1888 vintage. Only four vintages were declared in the first 57 years of production – 1888, 1891, 1925 and 1945. Biondi Santi was named the sole producer of this wine in a government report dating back to 1932, and remained thus until after World War II.

Tenuta il Greppo established the foundations for the 1960 DOC regulation, which followed the family’s oenological practices and in turn, led to the creation of the DOCG in 1980. The wines were structured, elegant and long-lived.

Today, Tenuta il Greppo comprises 150 hectares, with 33 hectares under vine, split across five sites. Villa Greppo and the winery sit at 500 metres above sea level, the highest point of the estate, where the oldest vineyard lies, planted in 1936. The other vineyard sites, Scarnacuoia, Pievecchia, I Pieri and Ribusuoli are located respectively to the west, north, east and south-east of the town of Montalcino, all preserving a predominantly eastern exposition and high altitudes, which is instrumental for preserving Biondi-Santi’s signature style, driven by elegance, fresh acidity and moderate alcohol. The oldest vineyards, those over 25 years of age, are the source of grapes for the Riserva, the 10 to 25-year-old vineyards produce the fruit for the Brunello, and those younger than 10 years old are used for the Rosso.

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